Love Obscene by Natalie Bennett

y’all will have to forgive me for it being Bennett all the time. I promise tomorrow will be different. I just told myself that I wanted to read more of her work. Let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Let’s do the blurb, shall we?

What would you endure for love? I was nothing. He was both madness and paradise. I was lost. He was salvation and damnation. I was innocent. He was sadistic and twisted. I was an obsession. Now I am his. Reader Advisory 18+ Not for the faint of heart. TRIGGERS->ALL OF THEM This is a disturbing love story that has nothing to do with romance.

So for those of y’all who have read Depravity first like me will know Katie and Mason. For those of you who haven’t let me tell you, they were interesting characters in that book.

I didn’t know they had their own book and I wanted them to. Well lucky me to find out they did. You wouldn’t tell by reading the blurb it says nothing of their names. But when you get to through the first chapter, bam, it clicks. I got so excited I did a silent squee. So anyways, let’s begin.

Katie talks to herself, she is desperate to leave a life behind that she is unhappy with. Her mother abused her and had since she was a little girl. She works in a worn down dinner, and she tried to kill herself at least once.

Every day for months she had been getting white roses with no name. She didn’t know who they were coming from, until one day Mason walked into her life. This is when her story really begins. Now I started this last night and almost stayed up to read it all. I had to struggle and fight to get myself to go to bed since I had to be up at an obnoxious hour to get some papers notarized.

I finished it tonight. My gods okay I am a fan, we all know this since half this blog seems to be dedicated to Bennett. That is not my fault y’all I swear. I just seemed to be getting a lot of her books lately. It will change here soon. I promise that too. But let me say she is on the top of my instant Rec list.

I hope you enjoy!

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