Ultra Violence by Natalie Bennett

This was in my bag of books last night and a quick read, let’s start with the blurb shall we?

ULTRA+VIOLENCE Noun Random acts of violence with no justification. Unprovoked, usually brutal. Done simply for thrill and entertainment. A sick infatuation. A volatile obsession, And a rising body count. This isn’t your typical love story. ***Warning*** This is a dark erotic thriller. It is strange, ugly, and dirty. These characters have a f**ked moral compass. You may hate one or both of them. I remained true to their personalities from start to finish. This book contains scenes of graphic violence, harsh language, and dirty kinky sex scenes.

This book was a little too fast for my tastes. I love Natalie Bennett and I want to savor her writing. I feel like this was one of her older books. I love her newer stuff. I still gave it four stars because the premise was amazing. I loved where the story was going.

I will continue to love Bennett her work is dark. So dark that she is not afraid to hit so many taboos and I think that is what makes her writing enthralling.

In this book we have our h, she was a cheerleader, popular. She always knew there was something wrong with her. she couldn’t put her finger on it. She was a little too okay with death and violence.

She winds up meeting our H, he is dark and brooding. He is comfortable with himself and the person he is. He knew since day one that he wanted her. He became so obsessed. Once he possessed her, he was never going to let her go. He scared her but not because of who he is. But how she was feeling about him and the fact that she wasn’t scared of the things he does.

At this beginning of this book, our h was hired to a job that she failed at. She got a phone call from an unknown man ‘if I want you dead I’ll arrange it myself’ she was then given money and a car and sent on her way.

this book has so many twists and turns. There are secrets around every corner. There is death and violence around every corner.

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