Elusion by Zoe Parker

This is one of my all time favorite books, I love Zoe Parker, her imagination is out of this world. Phobe is by far one of the most amazing Anti Heros I have ever read about. I can not wait to see more done by her. Let’s begin with a blurb shall we?

Pretend Ma told me the terrible things done to me were for the greater good. 
I’m not so sure about that. 
I am sure about that my time in this world is drawing to a close. I’m okay with that, I even wish for it some days. Then I met HIM. Mr. Glowy Eyes.
I know that I’m a monster, and I’m CERTAIN that he’s much worse than that. But he also shows me something important. Very important. Do you want to know what it is?

Are you still waiting?
Mr. Glowy Eyes is waiting, too.
In the dark…
Under the bed…
I can’t promise he won’t eat you…
But I can promise you won’t mind when he does.

Please be advised: **This book contains violence and other content which may be triggering to readers.**

What can I say about this book? I don’t want to say too many things because I would rather not spoil it.

We have Iza we do not know what she is, but we do know that she killed her adoptive parents. She was sent to this prison at childhood; she doesn’t remember much of her past life. Now there is only HIM.

Who HE is I am not even going to say much here. Just know that is connected. You are told that pretty much from the beginning. I loved this story. I loved that the monsters of the world find love too. I love that this wasn’t traditional by any means. There is a lot in here that may cause someone to trigger so be warned. Zoe Parker brings you into this world. She fucks you up, and she laughs about it. I love that about her and this book. There was a moment that I dropped the book myself and had to walk away for a little bit because I wasn’t ready to be a mess.

So this is my last thoughts. Read this book; the first half is the trigger the second half is slightly better. I am going to be buying the second book..

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