Self Publishing and Self Publishers

I wanted to talk a little bit about Self Publishers. Back in the day, we didn’t have the technology we used to have. There weren’t cell phones, and the Internet was only something the government used.

Now we live in an age where getting in contact with friends and family is just a button away. Self-publishing was unheard of. You had to pretty much beg and plea, to be rejected. You sold your soul just to become famous.

Those who had good ideas and wrote them tirelessly out on paper were denied any recognition for their art. I love the world we live in today, but I’m a well I wouldn’t say, optimist. I would say I am a lifest(yep totally made that word up). Every day I get up I learn something new, and I keep learning. My books are a big part of that.

Self Publishers tirelessly promote, promote, promote just to get their book out there. They barely make what you would make stocking shelves at Walmart. You beg and the plea for your audience just to give you a chance in hopes you find that one person to stand up and say yes!! This book was amazing. I am that person though, I will gobble your book up most likely in a sitting. I would tell you what I felt about it, whether I loved it or not so much. I think it is important to let you know what we are feeling about your book.

But I say this here and now Self Publishers, don’t stop writing, keep giving it your all. I have seen some struggle so hard that they thought about quitting, but remember there is at least one bibliophile that would totally help get you back to where you were, to see you excited about writing again. I write I am publishing my book here soon. I have written things before but put it back on the burner to deal with my personal life. Recently, my best friend told me to get back up and write, she has been there from day one.

I will be that person for you, we have never met, but we could be friends, and I will listen to your woes of writing because I had them too. So remember there is someone out there willing to help.

More so I look around at all of these Self Publishers and I want to pat them on the back, I have noticed that I read more Self Published books recently than the big named people. I still read them too, but Self Publishers are a big reason why I wanted to open this blog. I have read many review blogs and most are centered around the Urban Fantasy Genre and more important they are for the big names, like Briggs, and Andrews. I love them too as much as the next girl. But I feel that Self Publishers work damn hard to get where they are going and need that recognition.

So here is me, and Bunny we are patting you on the back, Keep writing because we will keep reading them and we will keep reviewing them.

Enjoy your Self Publishers, they make reading worth while.


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