eReader vs. Paper

I had told myself that I wouldn’t write this topic, but I recently had a discussion about it. So I figured I rant my thoughts.

So eReaders vs. Paper is one better than the other? This becomes the age-old question. My answer is no, it’s all about preference. Like whether you like Burger King or McDonald’s. Or do you want to sleep naked vs. Clothed? Not one is better than the others. But this is what I will say to all those self-publishers out there.

Recently I have done some research that self-publishers would like to know. Did you know that in 2017 ebooks sales actually dropped by 4.7% now that may not seem like a lot? But think of it this way, if each year it declines by 4.7% that can add up to be a lot. I am not going to do the math, and they dropped because paperback and hardback are making a comeback! While Kindle Unlimited helps with page views and gives the readers a chance to see a book before purchasing it. The average consumer prefers to buy in paperback. So this should be a little incentive to push that Print on Demand button.

Now I am going to throw out there that most of this are YA, Adult fiction is still standing firm on the ebook front but even still. The AAP track data took the sales of over 1,700 self-publishing authors and found that their ebook sales were dropping. Now, this is more of those people who don’t use the POD function from Amazon. I feel this is more because you are unaware that they have that feature. It only costs publishing costs when the book is sold. Nothing beforehand, because it’s coming from Amazon they don’t charge you to have it stocked. This is awesome, right? Not only that, think of the fact that you are showcasing your book in all of its glory. Kindle shows the cover in black and white. Fire may actually show in color, but as far as I’m aware paperwhite shows a cover in black and white. Now sometimes this is okay, but I personally want to see all the work a cover artist went into to create these things.

For all of you Adult fiction authors get this, the rise has been even higher. There is a 7.7% rise in the first four months according to AAP. 7.7%! That is a good number, this is due to the work you are putting out as well as the fact that you are doing both ebook and paper. So do yourself and those of us addicted to ink and paper a favor and push that POD button. We love our paperbacks, and because of the reader, they aren’t going away anytime soon.

Are you an eReader fan? Someone who would instead take a Reader of some sort around with you so you can discreetly hide those steamy sex scenes? I don’t think they are wrong so this is not me saying that they are. I am assuming I prefer paperbacks. I am not even a fan of hardcover I think I have 4 hardcovers and they were all given to me. I can put a book in my purse, I know you can do that with a Reader too. Believe I am aware, but there is something to be said about the feel of paper running through my fingers when I flick the page.

Now according to AAP for the first four months of 2018 that’s January to April there has been a rise in paperback sales by 5.5%. That is a really good influx actually, that should help with that arm twist a little more, right? You are working on two sides of that coin, you are not only getting the revenue from your ebook sales but also your paperback sales. You are hitting more of the markets as well. It is proven that you touch more of your fan base by selling in paperback as well as ebook. Again Amazon only charges when you print a book, nothing beforehand. So if you think your wallet is going to suffer it isn’t. Just takes one extra little button click when you in that KDP.

I have ADD when it comes to electronics I can’t seem to think when I am on them. I want to run around to different sites and see what is going on. I want to chat with my friends, look on facebook. I want to check my account balance and spend more money on Amazon that I don’t have.

There is a small percentage of us that actually still read a paperback, you can get your book out there further if you do the POD (print on Demand) option with Amazon. So you aren’t paying to have them printed, they just take royalties like they do with Kindle. This way those paperback sluts like me can read your book to, and it doesn’t take us 30 years to get through it because we all of a sudden became the squirrel from ‘Over the Hedge.’

You know which one I’m talking about. The one who shouldn’t have sugar of any kind. This is literally me when I’m on anything electronic.

I chose to live my life minimalistic, I got lucky when I decided to live with Bunny, she and I have the same views on that. We don’t have a television, we don’t use our phones. We aren’t those people when you go out with them, and they are on their cellphone glued.

Our one big splurge in life books, not clothes, not shoes, but those pretty paper-covered worlds of imaginations, written out on those pristine white pages. They beg you to open them up so you can hear the soft ‘shush’ of noise when you flip those pages. You stare longingly into them like a lover who is ready to tell you all their secrets.

Have you ever been laying in bed and started to fall asleep to startle awake when it feels like someone dropped a brick on your face because you had your eReader two feet up and it comes crashing down with no warning? They try to kill you! Books when you fall asleep they lovingly cradle your face, that is what the crease in the middle is for. They hug your face and sooth you to sleep. (I’m totally making his crap up, and you all know it)

The only time my boyfriend has to worry that I am not paying attention to him is when I am on my book. Then it takes forever for him to get an answer out of me. But he doesn’t mind, he is the one that loves his tech. I can live without it.

So here is just a thought from me to you, when you go to hit that publish button, remember us, little people. The bibliophiles that collect paperback books. We want those paperbacks, something we can flip. I do not hate on you eReaders more power to you. In the end, though, remember I just can’t do it. I am physically incapable.

So when you have a discussion about what is better. There isn’t one better than the other, there are just Boxers vs. Briefs, Undies or Comando, tattoos or none, I mean the list can go on and on.

So from a Book Lover, there are my views,

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