Book addiction we prefer bibliophiles

So today I wanted to do something a little fun. I figured that I talk about what people around us bibliophiles like to say. ‘You have too many books’ do you hear this comment when someone comes over to your house? Do you tell your partner that your Kindle broke down because it’s full and you just want another one?

Bibliophiles, there are more of us then one person thinks. We live a thousand lives when the average person lives one. When I talk to my best friend, he and I have this conversation quite frequently because he constantly asks. ‘Hey what are you up to?’ my reply is almost one of two things.

  1. I’m just sitting here looking on Amazon, I have these three books I want to buy
  2. I’m sitting here reading, I heard so much about this author!

Do you have all your books placed on a bookshelf so you can admire them? How many kindles do you own? Is there more than one all full because you refuse to keep them in kindle jail? Then you’re probably an addict. But here is the thing. I am not a fan of the word addict, I was an addict. I prefer the word bibliophile it makes us sound harmless because that is what it is.

We don’t run around not paying our bills so we can buy our next book. We enjoy our fantasy lands, we get to be a Vampire, a rock star, a gangster, a monster. Just for a few moments, we get to live in a world that is not our own. We get to have the power to be someone else. To travel lands that we would never have the chance to get to.

Fantasy Wallpaper Dump… Take a wallpaper, leave a wallpaper!
by AwwYissMothaFuckinBreadCrumbs

We are dreamers, we have a vivid imagination, in our mind, we have many different lovers. We do things no one else can, we live these lives.

The pros that come out of this is for our children because we are readers our children become them too. Our ‘addiction’ is beneficial to those around us. I have learned more words from reading then I would never have in real life. We do not use as much of our English language as we should.

So if someone tells you ‘you have too many books’ you should tell them ‘maybe you don’t have enough.’

The friends I have made, all from different parts of the word. I have met them all on book groups, but I get a chance to talk about my passion, and they get to comment on theirs. Many good things come from reading. I love them all.

Tattooed young woman shaking hands with business partner

Self Publishers love bibliophiles we are the ones that keep them going, we are passionate about what they write, and we keep them going developing those words. Penning those words together to create us those lives that we get to live on a daily basis. Those lives we cherish more than anything.

Reading helps a lot through our hard times, I have seen many thank you notes to the author on how they helped through hard times. They were sick and couldn’t leave their hospital room. Or maybe they have stuck someplace they couldn’t leave. They got to escape to a world they had control over. Bibliophiles fall in love every day, multiple times a day. When someone says, they don’t know what love feels like. We do, we think it, we feel it more in-depth than anyone else will ever get the chance to. We feel it so deep on our soul that it hurts when it’s over.

Pain, sadness, we feel these emotions as thick as it’s written. We have a clan of imaginary friends that we get to dream about when we go to sleep. We are the lucky ones, we are able to change friends and lovers at the blink of an eye. There is no jealousy, no hatred there is only new relationships.

So let those naysayers talk because it could always be worse, you could be addicted to something more harmful than written words. So love your bibliophile, cherish their imagination to bring your world to life. For those few hours they get to open your book, the world you created comes alive to them.

So from a bibliophile, I am going to thank you for taking your time and reading my thoughts


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