Ameekial: Abomination by S. F Hill

Per the usual let’s start with a blurb.

Ameekial Abomination is the first novel of a dark fiction fantasy series. 
All Ameekial ever wanted was a quiet, ordinary life. Together with her guardian, Honor, Meeka runs Ashford Farms. Under her care it has become one of the most well known horse farms in the area. Few things in life give her more satisfaction than caring for her majestic animals. 
Despite that, Meeka knows that something is just not right. There is an underlying darkness nearby and it threatens all she thinks she knows. That darkness manifests when disaster strikes Honor’s best friend. They invite him and his daughter in, caring for them as only family can. Meeka soon discovers that was her first mistake. 
She questions what she once knew for truth. Honor also feels the effects and begins to act strange. Old secrets resurface and threaten to reveal themselves to Meeka. He begins to understand that all his efforts may have caused more harm than good and that his task was a failure.
Meeka comes to accept that the world she has known is all but a veil of deception, and soon she will be faced with making the decision of whether to become the savior of the darkness, the messiah of the damned, or allow herself to be judged for what she is, by the light, and accept her fate as the abomination.

You can find this on Amazon, for .99 cents or free with KU.

In this story, we have a tail of a Nephilim. If you are unsure what they are, they are an angel and something else. Nepheliums can be categorized as Half angel and half human. Or half angel and half demon. Our h was the later.

Her mother died while still carrying Mekka and her father had to take her out.

I am going to try and review this without giving too much away. Meeka was kept secret by her uncle, Honor so she could live and go to school. There she has two friends, Nannie and Erios. She’s a happy teen with no care in the world until she finds out that she is so much more. Honor’s friend and his daughter came to them in hopes of finding some solace.

This is where the story begins, I feel that Hill had done a good job of bringing her world together. There was a love triangle from what I could see but I will let you figure out who the love interests were. I actually enjoyed that aspect of the book in itself.

This is on the far line of YA, there weren’t any sex scenes. But there is a romance if you are looking for a quick read that will pique your interest. I do recommend this book.

Hill managed to put depth in her characters, making them stand out and have you take notice to them. I generally, as a rule, don’t read a lot of YA because I have a thing about sex in my books, but that is more preference than anything else.

the writing style made it worth the read. I loved the action scenes and finding out what powers Meeka have. I love demon/angel books so this was great in my kindle account. I would read it again and well I would definitely recommend this to the YA lover.

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