Witchy by Susan Stec

Have you heard of Susan Stec? If you haven’t then I totally recommend this book by her.. Good morning all and happy Monday! Let’s start with a blurb

Skylar is a good witch with poor relationship choices… Skylar is a city girl full of spunk, peppered with bad habits and a gift for picking the wrong man. Bek, her last guy, put her inside a cat’s body and dumped her 200 miles from home. Well, in Bek’s defense, she did torch his vintage Mustang. Still… Revenge is on her mind—definitely not a man—when along comes Luke, a country boy, tanned skin, all muscles, sexy smile, and a great sense of humor. Unfortunately, he’s carrying a bowl of warm milk and a catnip toy.

So what I love about this book it’s about love with out looks. Seriously! No joke. You have Skylar who’s a witch, her ex-boyfriend Bek (who’s a warlock) puts her inside of a cat and drops her off out in the middle of nowhere.

He does this because he is pissed off a Sky for her devil-may-care attitude and not wanting something more than a one night stand. She is picked up by Stella, the sister of our H Luke. Luke and Sky develop a relationship without the complications of sex. It’s a really great change!

These two wind up spending a lot of time together and Sky ends up blowing her cover and tells him she is a witch. This isn’t insta love, but totally insta like. You get most of what I told you from the first two chapters. Now there is another little side mystery I wont tell you about.

Stec’s characters are loveable, this doesn’t read like a paranormal to be honest with you and you know what it didn’t matter. It was still cute and funny. Sky and Luke together cracked me up. Bek even though he was the big bad, had his likable moments. This is a quick read so if you are looking for something quick and happy then go with Witchy this week. Stec does an amazing job with it.


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