Stolen By Raven Dark & Petra Knox

And the Blurb.

It all began when the road warriors found me outside Hell’s Burning, lost and dehydrated. When the bikers took me into The Compound, I thought I was saved.

Especially when, as a Violet—a rare genetic anomaly prized above all—I’m taken in and raised by one of the wealthiest men in the world. Educated and groomed by the best teachers money could buy, I mistakenly thought he had a great future planned for me, one in which I’d be cared for and cherished.

I was wrong.

For centuries, women have been sold as slaves. In my 18th year, my benefactor reveals a truth that shatters my world. I’m to be put on display before the wealthiest of society at one of the biggest auctions this world has ever seen…as a slave. 

But that night at the auction, something goes wrong. I am stolen by members of the infamous Dark Legion, a road warrior crew feared the world over. Torn from the only world I have ever known, now I have not one master, but four.

I shouldn’t want these dangerous, deadly men with their leather cuts and their growling bikes, but the deeper my captors draw me into their dark and twisted world, the more I crave what they do to me. They stole me from a powerful man who’ll stop at nothing to get me back. If I don’t find a way to escape soon, my new masters might just steal my heart.

***Stolen is Book One of the Saving Setora series, a dark, dystopian Reverse Harem romance with biker tones. There is no cheating, and the final book ends with a HEA for Setora and her four men. This full-length novel contains triggering elements and four twisted heroes who know how to own a woman right.

Whew!! where the hell do, I start? Oh, my sweet baby Jesus. Okay. So, this is a dark romance and I know most of you are all the way to the last book on this series. I don’t have that option. I am attempting to appeal to the author to publish this on paperback. the whole series because I don’t have a kindle, I know… I know I say this all the time but it’s true. I had to pull this one up on my computer and sit there and read and force myself not to search the internet.

Serota is a purple, what that means is they are highly coveted. Purple hair and eyes they are a commodity in a desolate world. She was found as a little girl and taken to become a love slave.

She thought that the man who raised her would keep her or at the very least give her away to a prestigious family. But no, when she became of age, she was put on an auction block to be sold to the highest bidder. This is where her story began.

Seriously Y’all if you haven’t read this, read it. I love dark romances, and this was a damn good one. It’s a #WhyChoose novel so she doesn’t have to choose what man she is to spend time with, she can have them all.

This is a full series, so I am not going to say too much to give anything away. that’s not fair to anyone. I loved the angst, I love the way these men are with their women. I will throw in the fact that there may be triggers for some. But I loved it… Did I mention I loved it? I did.

I loved the world Raven Dark and Petra Knox created, I loved the little city the men lived in. I even loved the way it had a MadMax kind of vibe.

Can we Que Tina please?

Though I would have to admit in this world Tina wouldn’t be the crazy leader she was. She would more be under a man. In this world, women’s rights, they don’t exist.

Now here is a little secret. I think this is one of my fetishes. I am all about equal rights for women so don’t take what I am saying the wrong way. But damn me do I find it hot as hell that men take care of everything. Woman are there to please their men sort of thing. I don’t want any backlash on this because I am about the fact that we worked hard for where we are in this world as a woman. It’s a fantasy… that’s it… that’s all. I think that is why I love the bdsm genre too. It’s just fantasy on my part.

Anyway, Stolen, Loved. the end.

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