Blood by K. B Ladiner

Hey everyone happy Humpday! So last night I got to read this one.

***This is a reverse harem romance. Recommended for ages 18+ because of strong language and steamy sex scenes*** Lucy Bryant loves bright and pretty colors, girly clothes and music from pretty much any era before the 90’s. Oh…and she’s a vampire. A vampire who also happens to be the only tattoo artist that can tattoo another vampire and make it stay. She’s lived a peaceful life as a blood sucking creature of the night so far, but all of it changes with a single tattoo. Vampires across the city are changing, turning into the monsters humans always feared they would become. The Supernatural Task Force has sent an agent to find out what she knows in hopes her information will help bring down those responsible. If that wasn’t enough, Lucy is now thrown into a predicament she never thought she’d face. Her long time werewolf lover, the sexy mysterious agent, and a sociopathic vampire who has a deeper connection with her than she could imagine, are vying for her heart. Drugged vampires, a glitter obsessed best friend, a black hammer named Betty, and an Ancient vampire hell bent on taking over the city are just a few things she’s dealing with in her new normal. What’s a vampire to do when the best option seems to be just locking herself away in her coffin?

Can we say Vampires, Shifters, and Dhampirs oh my?

Okay let’s start, The good,

We have Lucy who is a tattoo artist, she’s also a vampire and she’s special. Not the kind of special that has godlike powers and can kill the big bad in two mins. Nope. She can tat Vamps, she is that kind of special.

Turned back in the seventies she is the bright color hippy kind of vamp. Which totally made me grin I mean come on, that is awesome right there right? Right!

*Waves a hand* Don’t worry I know you agree. Next, we have Sloan, okay Y’all Sloan Mc Hotty Mc hot sauce? I’m starting with him because totally my first love in this book. I love shifters for one, for two love the totally possessive boyfriend who wants to keep you all to himself and love you. So, he’s mine, just so you all know. My boyfriend, don’t worry I have two in this book and I am not sharing either.

Okay, love number two, Vex. mmm Vexxie you’re so sexy.

crazy dude with a Betty? Yes please, I won’t tell you what Betty is. Read the book… seriously go get it, I left you the link!

Okay next the Bad,

Well, this isn’t really all that bad… It’s more just personal preference because I’m a sexy word whore.

This book says 17 and up for a reason. Because we are now just skirting the TVMA line. There were sex scenes but fade to black. Now okay, this is not a bad thing, but I wanted to see more Vex and Lucy getting down. I wanted more… more… more!!!

Now, this no way is a bad thing because the story was interesting. It was hands down a great PNR there were moments I wanted to punch Luce in the throat, but I got over that. We are friends now and I fantasize about her men. So totally worth it.

The Ugly (Here we are just talking about the big bad)

So, the big bad, some dude created a drug that is causing the vamps to go cray-sauce. Of course, they want to rule the world and all that jazz. But it was a good plot line to bring everyone together. I don’t have a long one for this.

All I will say is, in the end, I gave this book a whopping 4 stars.

The next book is about Claud, so I suggest picking that one up too. I know I will.

Happy Humpday friends and Happy reading!

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