The Almighty Zon

So, this is my unpopular opinion, I’m throwing that out there now, so no one gets butthurt about the things I am going to say. This is soul my experience and if any of you can relate, I’m sorry.

So, it has been about a week I been dealing with this, Someone got onto my
Amazon account and thought to treat themselves with a 6k gaming computer. I was a little jealous that I decided to attempt to buy this person that computer in the first place. I guess I’m nice like that. Especially when I’m still working off a computer, I got back in 08. No kidding.

Well when my Credit card was declined because well, I don’t have anything
near a 6k limit they decided that they will have fun with it and change my
Password to my account. Also, and here is the really fun part. I was no longer able to get Password resets to my email.

So, I had the fun time of talking to Customer Service. Okay let me say this
here and now, usually, I hate talking to CS. Sometimes because of the people but other, it is just the rules that some companies put into place. This was not one of those times. Amazon’s Customer Service was pleasant in this case. They attempted to troubleshoot, they attempted to email me over and over. When I wasn’t getting them, they sent me to the accounts area.

Now I was fighting hard because I have Kindle books, even though I don’t use Kindle I still own them. They are mine, I spent money. I was in threat of losing them all… But I am going to get back to that.

So anyway, after a week they brought me back to the accounts department.
After telling the nice lady, My username, my email, my subscriptions, what I
last purchased, my blood type, my son’s birthrate, the card I used, my best
friends name, the puppy I had in grade school. She was able to change the email for me, send me a PW reset and all in the span of 10 mins. I was floored and thrilled that they did this for me.

So, in the end, there are times working with the Mighty Zon is a pain, they
do redeem themselves from time to time. this being one of them.

BUT and here is the kicker, one of the Customer Service reps told me that if
they couldn’t do anything for me that I would have to close my account and open a new one. Not a big deal, right? Sure, in sight of it all it will be a little
work but totally worth it, in the end, to keep my information safe.

But!! yep, another but, I was also told that if I close my account down,
about $1,500 worth of Kindle books, ‘I’ve had kindle for a very long time’ will be gone and I would have to repurchase them.

What the What? How is that even a thing? I spent that much money had KU at one point and kept coming back and buying Kindle books that you will make me repurchase them all to gain them back. I have to say that this post was going to be something completely different if it ended that way. So lucky for me they were able to change my email and I got to keep them.

This got me thinking though, why doesn’t Amazon have Kindle connected
differently? I mean why not keep it separate but together. So, if you must close your Amazon account due to security you can still keep all of your reading? That makes sense to me, Keep the accounts separate but together so you can keep the books you spent your hard-earned money on. Now I know they have programmers out there, this can’t be a hard feat.

I shouldn’t have had to worry that my account would close and then I would have to go out and spend more money to get them back. this is not only unfair to the consumer, but it is unfair the artist as well. Something like this happens and then people are going to stop using Amazon. I almost did, it would have sucked. I also found this solidified it for me, I didn’t like Kindle before and now I am not even going to bother buying any books on there.

This was stressful and almost heartbreaking, not something I want to revisit ever again.

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