Brag Post!!

Are you ready for a brag post? I’m ready for a brag post…

Soooo, guess what I got? Are you going to say books? Well close enough, I totally got a $50 gift card to Amazon for V-day.

Don’t worry though, so I made a new Amazon account with an alt email addy. I will be forever using that to buy things from now on. I kept my old account for my Kindle books, they will hang there so I don’t ever lose them.

Anyway! back to the gift card, totally awesome-sauce right? I thought so this made me smile and of course, promptly went shopping. I will do a full on page of reviling and all that jazz when they come to me in a few days. for now, let me tell you the ones I got!

  1. Graveyard Shift: (Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.) by Angela Roquet, this is free on Kindle right now so if you want to pick yourself up a copy go for it. I bought the paperback, because well duh. Not gonna repeat myself on that noise.
  2. Pocket Full of Posies: Book 2 of the “Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” series (Volume 2) by Angela Roquet, I bought number two because I was told that one was so good that I was going to want to slide right into two, I was told to just buy the whole series but I don’t work that way. So one at a time it is.
  3. Devils With Halos (Malignant) by Natalie Bennett, because well… I lovingly stalk her from afar, so yea there had to be some Bennett too.
  4. Outcasts (Badlands) (Volume 3) by Natalie Bennett, I love this series and I read it very slowly… Again, I savor, not rush. I read a book a day folks so if I go off on the crazy train I run out of things to read very quickly.
  5. Steps (Finding Their Muse) by Bea Page, This one is legit a cover buy… Z = cover whore if you see it you will know why. Now it also says it’s dark so major and total plus points for that.
  6. Raised in Fire (Fire and Ice Trilogy) (Volume 2) by K.F. Breene, She cracks me up like no one else can..

Two of these books I totally bought with my own money. My own little gift to myself. I wrapped pennies and begged for that extra money. I’m poor, there ain’t no shame in this chicks game.

But when they come I will totally show off covers so you get to see what I got.. My bookshelves are gonna be so happy for V-day!

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