Book Shelves

Oh yes… Yep. So I am totally going to be doing a full on article on Book Shelves. Why the fuck not right?

So I have been thinking about this, I have a lot of books, a lot. I used to just stack them on the floor, I was one of those. I didn’t have a bookshelf nor really needed them, well I moved, and where I moved to I gave free rein which meant all of my books went on to a shelf or shelves rather. I have quite a few of them.

Okay so here is my thought and maybe it’s just me, but on the floor stacked I felt like I had more room, then all of my books went on a shelf and I have one.

Yes, I crochet too. My little monsters.

Anyway! it’s empty this gives me anxiety and then I compulsive buy because the damn thing needs to be full. It’s not me looking at it and going ‘oh look at my fresh empty shelf. no! no! it needs to be full to bursting.

Does anyone else feel this way? see this is one of my other ones. I look at it all starry-eyed and lovingly stroke it’s magnificence I do that to all of my shelves honestly.

yes more monsters

So in my head, this is what a book self is supposed to be. I have other ones but I am not going to fill this whole post full of my bookshelves. I am not bragging. Okay, I am a little. I mean just look at it!

Part of me feels like I should just say f it and put in wall mounts, but in the end, I don’t know if I want to. The black one was one that my father made me. The other was a Wayfair buy. they don’t match and I feel like they should. I dunno, at some point I think I am going to go all matchies and have them built custom for me because I think my favorite, of course, is the one my Pops made.

Bookshelves are a great way to bring out your personality, there are so many ways you can display books. I like to think they’re great ways to keep your mind as well as your home from looking disarray. I will admit though part of me misses the chaos of all my books on my floor. Stacked high to form walls of literature. It felt oddly satisfying to see them reach the ceiling. The downside I guess would be if I ever wanted to go back and reread. (Which I do often) then I would have to destack and restack. that becomes a hassle and too much work.

Not to mention the fact that I am now turning to more selfpub authors. So I wanted a place to showcase their work in my home as well. I have thought about reorganizing my shelves for just that reason. Have a shelf in dedication to self-pub authors. Something I can utilize. I haven’t bought much in the way of mainstream lately. Some, not much. I love Ilona Andrews and their gritty sense of style to book writing. But I haven’t gone out of my way to buy anything new. If it’s used then maybe. (That’s a subject for another time I have many thoughts on used books. as you can see from my shelves.)

Think about the ways you like to have your books displayed I would like to hear some of them, go comment on my facebook or even email me, send some pictures I would love to do a piece on y’alls own brag page. Besides getting some new ideas would be awesome.

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