Books and Movies

So mom and I were talking about this, Books and Movies.

Mom is a huge fan of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. I mean a huge fan, she owns just about everything from the Books and movies. Also, you ever play trivia be prepared to lose she will wipe the floor with you and laugh while it’s happening.

I asked her what she thought of the movies? If she thought they stayed true to the books. Now she owns all of the movies as well. It’s her thing and I love her for it. She has all the books and the remakes of the books and jewelry of the books (Also made those for her)

She is a fan. She told me that she thought that the movies were so well made it kept her coming back for more. Now mind you she was a fan before the movies hit mainstream. She adored reading about Harry and the gang plus all of the other ones I can’t name because I don’t watch the movies or read the books.

For me it’s rare to find a movie that stays true to the book Twilight was another that seemed to be close. She loved those movies too as did my sister.

I remember taking her and her friends to the theater for each one. I even got a t-shirt and almost got kicked out. Apparently, no appreciates Team Stake with a wooden pike. But they were night showings and she couldn’t go alone. Ahh, the perks of being an older sister. Now I will admit I read those books before going to see the movies. I wanted to see how they matched up. I will say I was impressed.

50 Shades of grey, Game of Thrones (I’m aware it’s not a movie), True Blood, It, Carrie, so on and so forth. Half these books I read, I wasn’t impressed with the movies with the exception of IT. But I also have an unhealthy fascination with scary clowns. It’s a thing, I have many shirts I am not allowed to wear in the house because of mom freaking out. So I will admit I am a fan of IT new and old.

Sorry, not sorry mom.

I have found that when an author sells their story to the big mainstream they are risking letting parts of their books go. This saddens me. When it comes to your writing you have spent months going over and perfecting your baby. You give it your blood, sweat, and tears. Parts of you are lovingly placed inside these pages for everyone to read and enjoy.

I can’t read a book and then watch a movie, I become overly critical and it ruins something for me. I also can’t hear the words “Oh, did you know this was a book?” Already I am let down because I have been informed that most likely there is a book out there, that completely surpasses whatever the movie could ever be.

I have to live in ignorant bliss when it comes to movies that started their lives out as books. I can’t know because already something inside me is ruined. However full discloser which I am sure I have mentioned before, I own a television but I don’t have cable and the thing isn’t even plugged into the wall.

I go to the movies few and far between because I have a hard time forcing myself to sit there in a chilly setting squished between other people I don’t know risking them touching me. I’m an introvert, so sue me.

I can’t be the only person who feels this way. I know there have to be other people out there that get saddened when an Author’s goal is to write a book that someday will come out as a movie. I mean yes that would be great for your resume. It really would but I fear the worst when this happens because potentially a book I love will get placed on the big screen. I will be compelled to go because come on it’s my favorite book and the whole time I am going to be like, this wasn’t the way it was in the book.

Anyway, thank you for reading my rantings I know it was really long-winded.

2 thoughts on “Books and Movies

  1. Great post! I’m definitely a read a book before the movie kind of girl but I am constantly like ‘this doesn’t happen in the book’ or ‘they missed this bit’. Agree with your mum about Harry Potter though, I love both the books and the movies and that’s rare.

    I also recently read a book and thought this was definitely written with the intentions of making it to a movie and then I discovered the author was originally a screen writer so then it all made sense x

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