Wolf’s Hunger (Alpha’s Hunger Book 1 by Carina Wilder

Happy Valentine’s day friends.

I had hoped to get my hands on something that was going to be four stars for me. I love Wilder, I am throwing that out there now. before anyone thinks any different. I have read her

  • Sought By Alpha’s series
  • Dire Wolves of London

I do enjoy the fact that her reads are those quick reads. Unfortunately, this one ran flat for me. This doesn’t mean I hated it, I didn’t it just wasn’t something I am going to finish. But this is my opinion, by no means am I downing this author because there are other books of her’s I enjoy. But this cover though. I am glad I bought it just for that.

Arriana was running from her past; her best friend was marrying a doctor and moving away.

Okay so I think I know how I want to review this one now, I thought about it for a bit, and I came to this conclusion. I have read a few of Wilder’s books; she isn’t a bad writer, I keep coming back to her because she is comforting. Her stories aren’t way over the top. 

I will start with what I do like, 

I liked Tristan’s insecurities; it didn’t make him overly arrogant. He was worried about what Ari would think about him, and that made him just a little bit human. He wanted her safe and happy, and if that meant that he couldn’t have her, he was willing to let her go. It was a sad thought, but that made him a good man. He also wasn’t to the point to where he wanted to lock Ari in a tower to keep her safe. He wanted a woman that was going to be on equal footing as himself. I really enjoyed that as well. 

What I didn’t like, 

I wasn’t a fan of Tristan flip-flopping about how Alpha he was going to be. I didn’t like Ari being standoffish. I wasn’t a fan of her insecurities, they seemed a little fake. Almost like Wilder just put them in there for the angst it would bring. I wasn’t a fan of any of that. That was more on me than anything else. This by no means made this a bad book though — just something I wouldn’t pick the second one. 

this is just my opinion, all the way around I am a fan of Wilder’s I have read more than one book/series of hers. I wasn’t a fan of this series, and wouldn’t continue on it.

So I hate to say this was a three bunny for me

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