Book Boyfriends

Happy Friday everyone!

I want to talk about love interests in books. I was thinking about this, this post is going to be mainly about series and love interests.

Slow burn, Medium burn, fast burn. No matter your flavor they are all wonderful. Do you love, love triangles? hate them? indifferent? Maybe reverse harm is your thing. No matter what you choose or don’t choose at all books give us something we normally don’t find in everyday life.



A sense of desire and wanting. This isn’t to say that our normal relationships don’t work because they do. I have had boyfriends that had the same personality as Alpha’s I’ve read in books. Some of them it worked for. Others I didn’t like so much.

For me personally, I love the overly possessive boyfriend. the one that seems to get jealous if I so much as look in the other man’s direction. I have the type of relationship that made me swoon. I have had those that were to the point of the question.

But what I have found and what I can’t seem to get enough of is Book Alphas. No matter what else is going on in my life I have an addiction to the book alpha male. the type of man that comes from the author’s imagination and onto the page.

My boyfriend and I call it book porn, no matter what else is happening in the book those steamy scenes that happen behind the closed door. I love it. I feel more of an emotional connection to the characters after their first little te ta tet.

I think I am more bothered by slow burn those enemies to lovers. where the h and the H know they want to be together but they go down fighting. they date other people and break their hearts just to get with each other in the end. I much prefer a love triangle to this form of a method. I would rather two men fight it out. Heck above all I am all about reverse harems. this way there is no choice but again all personal preference.

Right now I am reading a book by K.F. Breene. She is one of my favorites. I read the first book and I am on the second.


You’ll see the review for it. Raised in Fire. Well in the first book it looked like the two main characters were going to get together. In the end, they let me down and don’t get together and then this next book Regan fights her feelings for Darius even though he professed a love that she had never had. I believed him because of how the first book went but Regan still fights it. Why? Because of his master? I feel that is not a good enough reason. Take the plunge girl. Jump both feet and see what happens because it’s better to have your heart broken then to never know. What ifs kill me.

In the end, though, I love romance in its many forms. I love reading about it seeing what it’s like in the mind of other people. I love, love…

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