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Happy Sunday!! So I don’t have to work tomorrow. why? Because I got a new job and it doesn’t start for another four weeks! So many books are coming my way. But that is a conversation for another day.

I want to talk about book covers today.

What makes for a good book cover? This is a good question to ask yourself when writing. It’s like a good outfit you are looking to make an amazing first impression. As much as people love to say it doesn’t matter this is not true. We really do judge a book by it’s cover.

I do it, I have been known to do it. but when I am done judging I do read the book and find that sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

How much are authors willing to pay for a good cover? How much of an impression are you willing to make? Recently I have found that Urban fantasy and even some PNR self-pub authors are heading down the road of cartoonish looking covers.

I am not saying this is a bad thing because some of these are simply amazing. But it does something to me. I may find it visually pleasing but the style a lot of the time doesn’t fit what I feel like I’m reading.

This is a personal preference because I know most people who read my blog know I am the proverbial cover whore. I do look at the cover and sigh all wistful I can’t wait to open the book and read what is written between those pages. For me though, I feel like I have a thing with real human models. I want to through an example out there.

No, I am not going to use Natalie Bennett. I could, but I am not going to. I am going to use Laura Thalassa.

Now I don’t know if you heard the story behind her covers for her newest series.

First, we have this…

Which is a gorgeous cover. I was one of those that got all googly-eyed over it, it was a little more on the artistic side but I mad no connection to this book. Now I love her Barginer Series I love those covers as well. They are simple and dark. There weren’t any people on it. example here.

Why am I calling her out? Because Laura is one of my favorite authors. I love her writing and I love her covers. She manages to make me tingle in all of those right reading spaces.

But her newest series I managed to avoid putting on my I am going to read right away list. I think a lot of it had to do with the cover. I don’t know why I avoided it. what it was about it that did nothing for me as a reader at all. then something happened and she had to take the cover down. it was a sad day, to be honest with you. The things she had to do to republish her book was horrible. It broke my heart. She didn’t deserve it, but she did manage to get a cover that made me all gitty.

Congratulations Laura Thalassa I am in love with this new book cover.

She is a great example of how the cover can change everything for me personally. The first cover was amazing. it was beautifully done but this newer cover was simply spectacular. I feel this one made a bigger impact on me and it could be due to the fact that I have a thing for real models on the cover. Now, mind you it doesn’t stop me from reading a book. No, not at all and I am not one to judge a damn thing. This is my unpopular opinion. I think what I am trying to say before you run right out and get a cover for your book.

Think about the impact it’s going to make on your readers. What impact does it make on you? Because as much as people say they don’t judge a book by the cover, a lot of people do. I do, I have been known to do it. I still will read the pages between, but my first impression is always made by the book cover first.

I’m leaving the links to Laura’s books here.

Bargainer series


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