Devils with Halos by Natalie Bennett

Okay… Let me catch my breath. Let’s start with a blurb while I center myself here.

Ma-lig-nantAdjective.1. Malevolent2. Very virulent or infectious
.Charm is deceptive. We were taken in the middle of the night.
Beauty is deceitful
.They called it an institution for the diseased.
Freedom is an illusion.
Our choices were no longer our own.
Our bodies became their exclusive property.
Our lives no longer mattered.
Survival is subjective.
We’d all done terrible things.
We all had demons.
We all had secrets.
And the truth would destroy everything.

There is no secret on how much I love Natalie Bennett. None what so ever. So for the past couple of days, I had to stop reading two books because neither of them could keep my interest it was actually making me mad. Raven finally said why don’t you read some of Natalie, You know she never fails you.

Well, my friends, he was right.

Bennett knows how to destroy me in the best possible ways. She writes the most twisted things and makes me love every second of it. Be prepared to be assaulted with taboos and things that should never be talked about.

If you trigger easy then this book is most definitely not for you. This becomes one of those things you get lost in and parts of you are shocked because you are enjoying but as I said before.

I have no shame. I love this book from beginning to end and all the parts in between. It was about a girl ruined and lost. She met a man who is almost ten years her senior and things begin to develop one night down a lonely road.

Truths are revealed and demons are exposed. In the end, a man wants what’s his. I actually felt bad for Faith and Ryker. Even though Ryker is a psychopath I still felt for him.

This book is not a happily ever after kind of book, it’s one of those ones where two souls come together and truths of yourself come to light. This is one of those books that make you feel for the monster deep inside. I love Natalie Bennett and will forever buy every single thing she ever writes and eat it up one happy word at a time.

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