Vacation and Taxmus

So merry Taxmus to those of you who are celebrating it. what is it you may ask? Well, that time of year you do your taxes and get something back.

Well, things have changed throughout this year that I feel I am owed a present to me. So this year I am buying over a hundred dollars in books. I am putting the rest in my savings of course but this little chunk is going to give me something to read for the week the rents are off to Vegas.

I am staying behind to watch the dogs, really I wasn’t invited.. Ahh, such is life, I will have to go on my own time.

So let’s do the list, shall we? It’s a good one this round. well all of them are good but this one makes me excited.

I am planning on one more I just haven’t figured that one out yet. But this is going to be awesome for my collection. I mean I do have a huge bookcase that needs to be filled.. lol

So those of you who are going to be having a happy tax time this year congratulations. I am going to be reading for a full week. I will be writing too hopefully my book will be out here in a couple of months.

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