Godhunter by Amy Sumida

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Romance

Age: 18+

Triggers: There are threats of a violent sexual nature.

Happy Friday my friends.

So I just got done with this,

There are some things that really annoy Vervain Lavine. Like when people call her Vivian; “Vervain’s an herb, look it up.” Or when people don’t get her movie quotes; “Why doesn’t anyone appreciate culture anymore?” But what really bothers her, what gets her little witchy panties in a twist, is when gods manipulate humans. “They’re not even really gods, just Atlanteans playing dress up!”
Yeah, that’s right, the gods are Atlanteans. Basically a bunch of refugees who decided to take over. It was a sweet deal for them, at least back when we believed in them and all. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, there ain’t too many folks lining up at the altars to give their offerings, and gods are suffering for it. Without our sacrifices, the gods don’t have enough juice to keep living in the manner to which they’ve grown accustomed.
So they came up with a plan. It was so easy actually. All they had to do was get us to fight amongst ourselves, go to war. When our kind dies, they suck up the energy like a temperature-resistant fat man drinking a milkshake line-up. Not such a bad idea, and it’s worked for quite a while. Up until Vervain found out.
Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Vervain’s no Laura Croft. She can’t bench press 200 lbs or shoot laser beams out of her eyes either. She does have magic on her side though and a few little tricks up her sleeve, or up her gloves rather. So she’s not completely defenseless and she’ll do whatever she has to in order to end this threat of divine proportions. Even if it means assassinating one god at a time.
Her greatest annoyance is yet to come through, in the form of a gorgeous Viking God who swears he’s on her side. If she can keep her eyes off his leather pants long enough, they might even stand half a chance. 

Which is free on kindle so pick up your copy today. I will tell you why.

I was thoroughly impressed with this book Amy Sumida really pulls you into the world of Gods and Goddesses, Her world building was actually jaw dropping and it isn’t often that I am emersed in a book as I was with this one.

I generally take about a day to finish a book never had it taken me two days to finish one. this one did but in the best of ways possible. Sumida made the Gods believable completely in love with Ull and Thor. Pan and Horus, even Mrs. E and Mr. T, all of them played a part Persephone with Hades in the Art room frickin loved it!

I laughed so much through this book I often got asked if I was okay,
Vervain had my humor, there were many times I read this and thought that Sumida wrote me into her book. I cackled like a crazy person at V’s jokes, the way she insulted her friends. (Believe me when I say it wasn’t done out of hate)

The humor wasn’t the only thing here, Sumida actually made you fall in love with the villain. You had a part of you that wanted to reach out and hug them and make them feel better. I am glad I jumped off the deep end and purchased three more of her books without knowing how this one would turn out so I can jump back into her world at my leisure.

The fight scenes were authentic, though honestly, I wouldn’t know because I’m a reader, not a fighter. But I believed them if that helps, Thor ladies, Yuhmeh. Well all of them are but the things he says to V is just downright panty melting. I can’t wait for more of V and her God Squad. I can’t wait to read more about Blue, and Pan, and all the rest. I want more and I can have that.

So I say again, this book is free if you have a kindle, FREE you can’t beat free with a stick. It’s worth the read, hell it’s worth the purchase. So go ahead and sink your teeth in this one it was worth the two days it took me.

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