Plagiarism and Heartbreak

I felt the need to talk about this subject. I mean this is a book blog and all.

So I read something on Goodreads that really hit me in the gut, it was a topic on plagiarism and the fact that it’s a real thing. I mean I know it but it makes no sense to me, what is there to gain out of this really?

People take their time, blood, sweat and tears to bare their soul to us as readers. I write too I haven’t dropped any of my books yet, I am intending to but that is a fear I am attempting to overcome. So back to plagiarism, this is something that can not be ignored I say this because authors bring their adventures to the table. They not only allow us into their minds but their hearts.

They lead us by the hand to an escape we wouldn’t be able to venture on our own. It saddens me when someone comes along and steals their work, to steal from them is stealing from us because in the end if they don’t make the money they need to survive they would essentially have to stop writing to work to provide for their families.

I feel that this co-exists with pirating, to take from them is to take from us. Imagine if those authors no longer wrote, imagine if you didn’t have those worlds that you escape to on a daily basis. what else would there be? I know I am probably being overly dramatic about this subject but I feel that I am allowed. It is my blog after all… lol

But it got me thinking, I have been seeing this more and more on Self-published authors. Why? Why would someone want to do to someone who doesn’t have the backing the mainstream author have?

It makes no sense, I find it to be dumb in hindsight. A self-pub author is going to fight just as hard, if not harder. Why because this is their passion just as much as an author? To take from them is to take from many, a selfpub author may not have the backing from an agent. It may not have backing from a publisher. But they do have the backing from their fellow artists. from the many fans that they diligently won over day in and day out.

They have social media, they have the plagiarists name. Hell, they have the plagiarist’s social media account. they can cause a whole lot of damage. This made me think of those people who also pirate media art, all of those cover artists also take their time to share a passion for the pixel.

We need to think of these things friends when it comes to things like this. It’s not flattering to be copied to have your work stolen. It doesn’t show the love of an author on something they have done being displayed not only by the work they had done with a whole new name, with a whole new life. They aren’t just stealing from the writer they are stealing the life of the character. They have lived their whole life in that book to find themselves one day changed in a new way. A way that they have never thought to be their reality.

Again being over dramatic but this is a subject that touches my heart in a bad way.

I implore you as the reader to not condone this type of behavior. Do not download anything free from another site. It’s different if the offer is coming from the Author. But be mindful of those sites that offer a hundred free books. Something that comes to you in a file that you have to read separately from your e-reader. Be mindful of those people that the pirates and the plagiarist’s hurt. Borrow the book but don’t steal it, because downloading a pirated version is not just the pirate stealing it’s also you.

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