My Ten Book delivery.

So next week can’t come soon enough, It’s going to be all about the read. My books finally arrived and I am prepared to relax. No work, no building porches. Just my couch, my puppies, a whole lot of snack and my stack.

I love the fact that I have choices. that my time is going to be spent devouring each and every one of these beautiful things.

let’s put some pictures up!

I was attending a release party for Natalie Bennett, her Degenerates is out so if you want to check that out. But Ally Michelle was there and she was talking about her books. Bunny loves all things Alice she has read just about every rendition she can get her hands on. Anyway, saw this one and I had to buy it for her (I’m going to read it of course)

Yolanda was there and she was talking about some of her books as well. I had to buy this one. This cover is amazing Virulent by Dani Rene & Yolanda Olson. They have a few books I want, I have never read anything by them so this is going to be my intro.

I am going to through out there that a bunch of these books I bought because I have never read anything by the author.

Wasteland by K.A. Knight, I realized I am not going to become a photographer in my next life. Anyway! I saw this one on my feed and had to buy it. I adore Dark PNR.

Born of Embers by Quinn Arthurs & Harper Wylde. Bunny keeps talking about buying this one and she keeps holding off for some reason. So I snatched it up. I am going to read it and then sit on her while she does the same thing.

So this is my haul of books from Authors I haven’t read before. I am excited to see what their worlds are like. Meet new characters and have some good times!

I have also purchased an obscene amount of Natalie Bennett, I bought the last of the Fire and Ice series by K.F. Breene because I need to know what happens with Regan and Darius and lastly some more Amy Sumida. I have a huge TBR pile so I think I am good to go.

I would have pictures for the others but they came out blurred so I have this one that will show the whole list in two parts.

I’m really excited. I am sure y’all can tell!

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