Every Last Psycho: A Collection of Two Novellas by Zarina Macha

It’s rare that I had a book make me cry, I mean ugly cry. This did it.

‘Every Last Psycho’ contains two tales of two girls; ‘Every Last Thought’ and ‘Psycho Girl.’

One girl hears voices screaming in the shadows; the other burns with self-absorbed hunger. 

Every Last Thought:

‘Rocking backward and forwards; deep breaths in and out’

Sixteen-year-old Tess Davis suffers from schizophrenia, triggered six years ago by the onset of her twin brother’s death. She’s felt broken ever since. But when new guy Ed moved to her school two years ago, life gave her a reason to live joyously. Ed made her happy, becoming the friend she needed. But she didn’t plan to fall in love with him, and love isn’t always required. 

Distraught by Ed’s new girlfriend and a horrific trauma Tess endures, she finds herself spiraling out of control and into cocaine-fueled delusions. Will she be able to regain a grip on life?

Psycho Girl:

‘Deep inside, I feel nothing. I am nothing.’

Eighteen-year-old Evelyn Baxter is beautiful, confident, popular and well off. Everyone loves her; her friends, her family, her boyfriend. She is all set to apply to the University of Cambridge to study Law. 

But when another girl in her year gets accepted into Cambridge and she doesn’t, Evelyn’s perfect mask starts to peel away. Murder, deceit, and manipulation show Evelyn to be the monster she truly is. But will those around her realize it? 

One is the victim of cruelty, the other creates it. One lives in the concrete jungle of London, the other in the suburban town of Bletchfield. Both novellas are in one binding, echoing the dark horrors within.

Every Last Thought:

The first book is about a girl who suffers from Schizophrenia. She hears voices and has delusions. She attempts to have a normal childhood and it fails hard for her. My heart was cracked open and I bled with this poor girl.

Honestly, I don’t know much about this disease and reading it through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl it made me feel the pain I didn’t know I could feel. I may be in my thirties now, but I felt that I could relate with this girl. Her being in love with someone she could never have and ending up with a boy she shouldn’t be with. I had that life, I battle with depression and not the same thing as Schizophrenia but I did a lot of the same things she did to hide from the pain.

I loved that story. A lot. I was amazed by the words that flowed on the page and sucked me into a young girls battle with a mental disorder.

Psycho Girl:

I found this one shocking, it was no less good. I was surprised by the lengths someone would go to show her own pain and anger. Evelyn had her own share of problems and she finally cracked when she didn’t get something she thought she was owed.

Zarina did an amazing job on these novellas. I saw her books posted on FB quite a few times and I loved this cover. I was happy to dive right in and soak up those words on the page. I learned quite a few things and I didn’t expect that. This book is not PG by any means. there are some things that will cause some to trigger so please be aware of it.

It is very much worth the read and a four-star in my book. Thank you again, Zarina for writing this. It was for sure a pleasure to read it.

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