Outcasts by Natalie Bennett

Holy crap Y’all… Be warned there are spoilers for the first two books in this.

*Grimm* Pariah. Dark Messiah. Harbinger of death. My reputation has always preceded me. I’m a brother to the queen of the Badlands. I’m one of the few confidants to her fiancé–the devil himself. And those whispered rumors that I’m a silent killer, a true harvester of souls? They’re true. People never see me coming. I don’t discriminate, I show no mercy, and I feel no remorse. My only loyalty is to my family and when someone important to them goes missing, I vow to do whatever is necessary to track her down and bring her back. But the person I find is not the same woman who was stolen away. Something’s different about her. Something I find myself drawn to as we fight our way back to hell. *Arlen* Stubborn. Reckless. Original family disappointment. My reputation has never preceded me. I’m supposed to be this spoiled, rich b*tch who does everything her daddy tells her. I was forbidden to even think about the Badlands. But money means nothin to me and my paradise was a pretty cage I refused to be trapped in. I fought my way out, I found a new family, and even though sh*t got tough sometimes it all worked out in the end. And then I got kidnapped. I thought it was over for me. I almost broke. I should have known he would never let that happen. And I should have realized something inside me had shifted. Maybe then I’d have seen the signs that I was falling for an irredeemable man. A man who taught me that there was power in taking away a life. A man who showed me just how beautiful hell truly was. It’s only fair I warn you that this is not a story about a rescued damsel in distress. This is a story about what happens when a man who collects souls finally meets his match. *Outcasts is the 3rd book in the Badlands series. This book can be read as a standalone but I recommend starting Savages & Deviants first.*

Okay so if you haven’t read Badland’s yet you need to get on it. If you love things dark and gritty this is the series for you.

This one is about Grimm the right hand to the devil himself. He loves to kill and has no shame and ladies he is sexy as all get out.

We meet Grimm in the very first Badlands book Savages. We learn in the second one that he is the brother to our queen Cali. He meets Arlen when she and Cali are saved from a family of cannibals and he tried to give Arlen back. Calie wasn’t having any of it, reluctantly befriending the loudmouthed girl.

From there she became Grimm’s responsibility and he affectionately calls her Brat. This is not a love story folks. If you come walking into it thinking it is you are going to be sorely disappointed.

From the second book Arlen is kidnapped and being held by Noah who we find out is Romero’s brother. He is keeping Arlen as his, wanting to make her his unofficial queen. Well, you don’t take what belongs to Death himself and expect to survive. And Arlen is very much his.

If you have read anything by Natalie Bennett then you know she brings you into a world where every taboo is tapped and then some. She makes you fall in love with the monsters and makes you not expect redemption.

Those of you who haven’t read anything by the taboo queen let me tell you… Her books are about Monster’s finding their other half. There is no knight in shining armor and the female doesn’t cure the male of their ways. they reform to the man in their life because they were just as fucked as they were in the beginning.

This book was sexy, It was raw, many times you had those moments when your jaw drops and you cringe inside.

Like Cali and Rome, Grimm and Arlen were perfect for each other. Grimm loved Arlen for her broken fucked up ways. He didn’t care that she was the daughter of the man who ruled the Kingdom. A little rich bitch who gave no shits.

He wanted Arlen for all of her flaws, and Arlen wanted Grimm for the demons he harbored. He taught her that there was beauty in the tragic and made her better for it. Together with their family they were going to burn the world down and laugh when they heard the screams.

If you are looking for a HEA then please move on, this book is anything but. I can guarantee that if this kind of thing, the dark things, the things were the devil and his queen resides, then look no further. Natalie Bennett will destroy you in the best of ways.

Hands down this series in all it’s messed up glory is a recommend from me.

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