Of Gods and Wolves by Amy Sumida

Z is off in her writing cave. She’s working on something that she is trying to get completed so I am going to be doing a review.

Vervain Lavine finally has a moment to relax. She’s defeated Aphrodite, taking back the magic that the goddess stole from humans. Now Vervain holds the powers of Love, Sex, War, and Victory inside her but she’s not really sure if that makes her a goddess. She is fairly certain that she’s still mortal but her new immortal boyfriend, Thor doesn’t seem to be worried about it.What he is worried about is Vervain’s bond to a werewolf Prince and the fact that said Prince is the first-born son of Fenrir, the Wolf God. Then there’s the minor issue of a Harvest goddess whose daughter Vervain liberated and the angry Aztec god who hasn’t been seen since the last time Vervain ruined his plans to launch the next world war.All valid arguments for concern but Vervain can’t afford to waste her time worrying. When you’re a mortal witch trying to keep up with gods, every moment is precious. So she tries to laugh off her anxieties instead, “Let them plan and plot against me. The best laid schemes of gods and wolves oft go awry.”

Okay, allow me to begin by saying that I came across this series from a friend of min. I read the first one and I’ve been hooked. Normally I read a book a day and I had planned on chewing through this.

But allow me to say that I have been needing to savor this series. So instead of power housing through it, I have been taking my time and falling deeply for all of the characters in this series.

Now I am going to admit, I am not a huge fan of Thor’s I felt that he was with V because he loved the status of being with Godhunter. I pretty much stated that fact on Sumida’s FB page and everyone kept saying keep reading. Keep reading. SO I did and I wasn’t disappointed. Now I am not going to say what happens. I just need you to remember this series is a reverse harem.

V again is trying to save her own life. With the help of the God Squad she is trying to take down gods who are trying to gain more power through the death and destruction.

The one character I felt for the most in this story was Blue. I have loved this character from day one and in this one, V actually broke my heart with him. I shook my head and I even cried, Blue may be a bad guy or was rather and then V did what she did to him was heart-wrenching. Now I can understand why she thought those things but for her not to trust the one man she had a connection with. Nope, not okay with it. She, of course, makes it up to me with some new characters.

I am not going to go into it much. I have a hard time writing reviews Y’all without giving some spoilers! So just read this book, so worth it. Amy Sumida and her Godhunter series, is going in my five bunny shelf with a total recommendation from me.

Thank you, Amy Sumida, for giving me a series I can fall in love with.

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