Hatter & His Alice by Ally Michelle

Z is still on time out, she is off working her butt off and writing in between. So I am still here!

Okay if you knew me then you would know I am generally physically incapable of giving any book less then 4 stars. So this hurts my heart. It’s going to be one of my first 3 stars of the year.

Ready for a new twist on an old fairytale… How far down the rabbit hole would you fall before you found the perfect Alice? What if when you land instead of a Wonderland, it’s an obsession you can’t cure… *This is a dark fairytale* Warning: may contain triggers, intended for a mature audience 18+

This one is a hard one to rate, I chewed through it in a matter of two hours. It was extremely fast pace and it tend to speed through one scene to the next with not much in between. I loved the concept of this story.

I think I have more of a problem with the fact there wasn’t much information, it was supposed to be a dark romance, but we didn’t get much of a back story about Hatter and his insanity. Even when he found his not Alice’s you knew he killed them, but you don’t know much on why. Or even where this obsession stemmed from.

When he found his Alice, he didn’t even really know it was her, he just had an attraction to the woman he called Blue. Even then it felt more forced than anything else. I am going to end this without trying to give more of the story away. I will leave it with this, I found this story to be interesting I just wish I had a little bit more.

It’s a solid 3 stars for me. I wanted to give it more, I will certainly read more by this author, I am just going to go with that it was one of her newer works.

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