The Wasteland by K.A Knight

Genre: Distopian

Age: 18+

Trigger: there maybe some for some people so be aware. There is violence and some strong language.

Happy Humpday! The week is almost over y’all well for me anyways. it’s Tuesday for everyone who works normal hours. I’m taking some time out to review this book. Well worth it. My week has been crazy between my new job and trying to finish my new book I have been exhausted.

I stayed up extremely late to read this one and let me tell you it was well worth the read. So let’s get started shan’t we?

The world ended and with it so did the rules.I was stolen from my family and raised in the Wastelands to the North. I did what I had to ensure my survival. I became The Champion, with my history carved into my skin for all to see.Now I spend my days drinking and hiding from my past until four newcomers offer me a job I can’t refuse. When my past and future mix I must once again rise and fight. This time it’s not for my freedom, it’s for my happiness.*18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering.*

So before we begin allow me to back up the warning here. There are some things that some may find triggering. So be aware of that before you pick this beauty up right?

Worth was a slave and a fighter, she fought hard to get free of her old master. By winning 30 fights and becoming a champion. She lives in the wastes as a paid bounty hunter and likes living alone.

Or at least until she met 4 mysterious men. They ask her for her help and sticking with her.

Now this story was gritty and enticing, I was glued to this book until all hours of the night and was even late for work the following morning.

That’s right spinning roaster no regrets here. I loved every moment of it and can’t wait to learn more of the boys. Even Dray….. I LOVE DRAY..

You will see what I mean when you read this one. I love the bad boys so it’s a fight between him and Maxen.

I love them dark and mean. I also believe that Knight put something in for everyone. If they aren’t your thing then you have others to choose from but really #WhyChoose. Take them all, together they are a good stew.

So if you love Mad Max dystopian style then I say pick this up. It worth the read. Even if you don’t and you just love yourself some good old fashion Dark romance, then get down with this one. It’s earn it’s spot on mine and Bunny’s 5 bunny shelf.

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