A bibliophile’s book budget.

Whether it’s physical books or ebooks. Do you have a budge you abide by? Do you just throw caution to the wind and just wing it?

I have to have a list if not i start a new series and forget the one I’m working on. It becomes stressful.

So today i am going to give Z’s guide to a bibliophile’s budget. If you haven’t gone out and gotten yourself a sugar Daddy or Momma then you are like me and live on a budget every month. How do you go about purchasing those wanted books without lagging behind on those bills and possibly go hungry?

Well here are the things I do, I am rather lucky at the moment and don’t have any of the high stress things like having to pay for rent, electricity or cable. However, I am a nomad and tend to move around a lot. So here is how I get by and be able to buy my book babies.

First things First. I make sure that all of my important things are paid for, you kind of have to. that is the thing on the top of your budget. Make sure things like those pesky phone bills and even your house or rent payment is taken care of. Food, I love to say what’s that because I tend to forget to eat but I even map out my food budget on a semi weekly basis.

Coupon’s are your friends folks. Don’t knock those little pieces of paper even phone apps. this gets you things like milk and eggs at a lower cost, that lower cost goes right into your book budget. Heck those extreme coupons got it going on. Now I am not saying go and devote your life like some people do, tho it’s not a bad thing and if I had the patience for it I just might but I don’t I love to read.

I would much rather read this

Than have to worry about what it says at the bottom of this.

But if a coupon is going to save me a few bucks you better bet your behind I am clipping that. Doubling up to if I have to.

Now the next thing is my own, you probably have your own system this is for me.

I do a pre-buy, what that means is I go to the Zon and price all my stuff out, I see what my book budget is going to get me for that month and I go from there. If I am in the middle of a series i tend to gravitate to that first. Unless the book is too expensive then I see what other series I’m reading and go from there. All of you who do the ebooks and KU, you don’t have my problems lol. But since I’m selfish and book stuck up I rather have the physical copy.

Now here is another thing. If i am not going the Self-pub Indie route I tend to look at BetterWorldBooks.com. they are always going with a sale. I get most of my Mass-market from there. Things like buy five and get two free sort of thing. I checked, authors still get paid their loyalties. But since they are used it’s really low. However, i still like to get my recycled books from there. Especially if it’s like LKH or Ilona. They have large series and it makes it easy to complete.

Once I know where I’m going and what I am going to buy for that month I write that down in a journal. I try and keep with it, if there are new releases I tend to add those to. See where I can pinch pennies so I can buy more. Unfortunately being someone who does go after the paperback side of things, we tend to pay what like something five times more than someone who reads on kindle. so catching up for us is slow. For those of you kindle readers, the 2.99 or even .99 cent thing is amazing my budget would stretch way further.

But I got #Bookgoals. I wasn’t joking in my earlier post. I want to live in Beasts library I am building it one book at a time. I refuse the kindle because all my money goes into that paper. So if you are like me, Coupons, sales, half price book sales. these are your friends.

If you have any other advice for us bibliophiles on a budget, feel free to leave a comment. I would love some new things in my arsenal.

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