Thirst (Incubus Tamed, Book 1) by Theresa Hissong

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Age 18+

Triggers: None that I can really think of, there is violence but about the amount you would expect anyway.

Happy Monday for all you regular work week folk.

Alright, So I saw this book on my feed and I thought. well why not right? So let’s start.

Thirst Incubus Tamed, Book 1 A succubus is in my territory without permission, and I am tasked to find her. Once she reveals why she’s on the run, I realize there is an insane demon among us. Ashera Andrews doesn’t want my help, but she needs it to keep from being tortured by her maker. Cassius Snow does everything in his power to protect me, but when he and his incubus friends are attacked because of my presence in their area, I make the decision to return to the place of my rebirth to send my maker to Hades…where he belongs.A mating between an incubus and succubus is rare but not unheard of. When Ashera and I use each other for energy, the threads of a mating bind us together. When she returns to her maker, and I am left without her, I fear insanity before she can be saved. I will not let the man who made her destroy what is fated to be mine. I will risk eternity in Hades to bring her home.***This is a novella and will be the first book in the Incubus Tamed trilogy.

So we start this book off with Cass an Incubi who is not happy with his life. He hates the fact that he has to take blood and sex to survive. Okay before I keep going, this wasn’t a large book so I can’t tell you a whole heck of a lot so this might be a really short review.

I really enjoyed this book, but I also have the hots for Cass, I mean Gods be dammed just him alone I will continue the series. I like Ashera but she had far to many TSTL (To stupid to live) moments. So that kind of pissed me off. But other than that, I really did like this book. It was a good debut. there was action, and love!

Okay I know this one looks lazy but that is all I got. If I keep going then I will just retell the book and I feel that Hissong tells it was better than I do. So read the book!

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