Books, Books, and more books.

I haven’t done this in a while so I thought I do another post. This one is going to be a little different because I am working this one different. I am going to be buying by author for a while. I want to finish off series that I have only some of. So with this week,

I have finally purchased every single book Natalie Bennett has written on paperback. With the exception of her new releases they have only made it to Kindle so far with promist that paper is coming so when that happens I will finish collecting those up

Right now though I bought.

I actually can’t wait to read this beauty. I love this cover.

This series sucked me right in with her first one. I still have to write my review for it. I just wanted to absorb the book. So I bought this one and the next. Finishing off the Trilogy.
This will complete it and bam, Natalie Bennett is all bought up.

Now Bennett has a few new releases expecting to hit the shelf with the next few months so I will be picking those ones as well. It has been a very long time since an Author has sucked me in and had me obsessed enough to buy everything she or he has written. I want to be brave enough to write like her one day. I scare myself into stopping though and my books get turned around. For now I am just going to droll over her written words.

So with Natalie Bennett in completion I am moving on to C.M Stunich. She had me hooked Since the Never series. Her works with Tate James is just as amazing so don’t be surprised if I bounce between these two while I collect their books. I love their witty main characters as well as their semi dark aspects to their books. There have been quiet a few I been meaning to read and I am just going to jump in there.

So I just started things off with

I hear so many good things about this series that I can’t wait to jump in there.

Now here is my whine post. there are still a few Authors that I have been begging to come out with their own Paperbacks. They are sticking to Kindle and this makes me sad. I wan’t all of those Self Pup authors to know, there are people out there that actually collect paperbacks and I want them. All of them! So help a girl out!!!

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