Blackened Magic by Emily Cyr & Jojo Bartlett

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Ages: 18+

Triggers: None.

Sawyer’s in big trouble. Lord knows, she’s never been a great student, but she never expected to be an inch away from flunking her economics class this close to graduation. Failing is definitely not an option and she’s running out of hope. That’s when her roommate suggests contacting a warlock who will sell her an oh-so-illegal spell to help her pass the final. Kane is almost a free man…er warlock. He has one last job to do for the magical cartel, and then he’s out of here. He’s tired of them taking all his money when he knows he can make more cash out on his own. But before he delivers the cartel’s spell to them, he takes a call for a side job– to deliver an outlawed spell to a desperate college student. Only, he screws up. Big time. Both Kane and Sawyer must dodge the magical police, the cartel, and enemies neither of them knew they had. If they don’t fix Kane’s mistake, it will cost them more than Sawyer’s life; it will cost them everything.

Emily Cyr has been a favorite of mine since the first book of Vampire Favors. Her writing style is funny and quirky and she never fails to make me giggle. She had quickly made it to my ‘no questions just buy’ list. Now I may have never read anything by Jojo Bartlett but I find that I really enjoy her too.

This was no different. We have Sawyer who is quirky and failing. She is looking to pass if she doesn’t then she needs to hang out in Summer School and pass. She doesn’t want to do that. She wants to go to Europe. So, she talks to a friend who has a friend, who heard from a friend, who talked to her friend’s sister to find a mage. Yep people know that Mages exist they are just not allowed to do magic.

They certainly not able to see. It’s illegal, that brings us to Kane. He is in the magical mafia, his birthday and last job. He can’t wait to be on his own, he had been waiting for this time in his life. He went to pick up the spell to bring to his boss and say goodbye to that life.

Magic needs something to hold onto, so spells… okay y’all this is the coolest part. They need stories, something in books. Authors have their own magic and it helps spells stick, so anyways Kane grabs two books, one for the spell he has to deliver to his boss. The other is from the weird girl that called him for the luck spell. Well something happens and the spells get mixed and this is where Kane and Sawyer’s story begin.

I loved this book, it was fun, it was quirky it was everything that makes me see Emily Cyr. She is an amazing Author and for some reason I can’t help but call her St. Cyr. I’m weird I finally broke that habit. Jojo Bartlett my friend good show, i am off to find more written by you because this was amazing! I love them, and anyone who loves, bad jokes, quick wit, hot mages and a whole lot of sass… this is for you hands down.

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