Happy Spring Equinox!

I may not be Christian or even celebrate the same holidays as everyone else but those of you who celebrate Easter happy Easter. Those of you who ring in Spring Happy Equinox to you. Whatever it is you celebrate on the last Sunday in April happy whatever it is you celebrate.

There are many branches of history of what this day means. Most them are around resurrection. The Sumerian Goddess Inanna, was hung on a steak and resurrected and ascended from the Underworld.

Cybele’s lover Attis was born of a virgin, she died and reborn annually.

The Spring festival first began as a day of blood. It began on a Friday, dubbed Black Friday, they celebrated until Sunday which was the day of Resurrection. In the beginning Christians and Pagan began to quarrel over this event, each arguing who’s God was the true God and whose was the imitation.

The Bunny was the Symbol of the Festival of Eostre. It beginning and subsequently left over from those days. Easter began as a pagan holiday, where folks handed out candy, gifts, cards, and other Easter products. It was to celebrate the longer days, a better harvest. It still works, people still celebrate it no matter the form, most people are happier to know that even though it’s evening the street lights aren’t on yet. You can still head to the pool and get the last rays of sun.

There’s a little history for you, or as I was taught it. For all of you, happy day of relaxation with your family and friends. I hope you and your children are smiling and happy. I wish you a plentiful dinner filled with joy and love.

This will be me today, I have to work.

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