Anointed by Charity B.

Genre: Dark Romance

Ages: 18+

Triggers: There are many in this one. Please heed this as the warning for it. This book follows in line with a cult mentality and there are things that happen that will be triggers for some.

-Zebadiah- The last time I saw her, she was marked with blood. Excommunicated. Now she’s returned, along with my temptation. Our touch is blasphemous. Perverse. They say she’s tainted, but they will not speak against me. His holy blood is in my veins and my word is truth. I’m the f*cking Prophet. -Laurel Ann- For twelve years, I fought for my soul in this evil world. Until my God sent him. My oldest friend. The only boy I ever loved. What we’re doing risks everything, yet we can’t stop. When I sin with him, it’s the purest I’ve ever felt. I lived half my life with the Philistines and I know what they call us. Cult. Freaks. Fanatics. But they’re wrong. We aren’t any of those things. For we are the Anointed. ***This is a full length standalone novel containing disturbing scenes and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering to some readers.

What can I say about Anointed? this book single handedly torn me open. I am not triggered; I had all the feels though for MC’s in this one. Laur, was a young girl, who was in love with Zeb. She wound up having her period and knew her life was over. Zeb being the boy he was, in love with Laur tried to help her hide it.

The story begins from there, I don’t want to give too much away. There was so much that happened in this book. Some people grew, others didn’t make it. My heart wouldn’t stop pounding in my chest and I cried so much it made me ache all over. I have to thank Charity for this one. I was in love with writing style. I loved the cover; I loved the world building the character there wasn’t anything in this book that I didn’t love.

I want more of this sort of thing from her. I will read it. She knew how to touch me right in the feels and make my heart clench. There were many aspects of the story that made me love it. Zeb and Laur’s story tore you from the inside out and she put you back together.

Good show Charity, seriously good show.

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