Paper Queen is going digital

So I’m breaking down and pulling my Kindle Fire back out. I usually don’t read off it because i find it distracting. But I’m in the process of restoring my truck. I have been in the process for years and I have been trying to put myself on a budget. When I started to work on the numbers I found that it would be way cheaper for me to buy kindle books. I have a journal and keeping track of all the ones i love so when the truck is done i can go on a shopping spree and buy my paperbacks.

This is for now, i won’t be able to last. I was going to buy a kindle white i found that Amazon sells an older generation for 60 bucks. But that puts me back in the mindset that if i buy a 60 dollar kindle i may as well buy four books. Budget wise buying a kindle book will cut my cost in half and that is on my 1 book a day. Before i was spending anywhere between 100 to 120 dollars every 2 weeks. I can cut that down by more than half. That’s not buying KU. Which i can’t justify because I’m selfish and have to keep my books no matter the format lol.

Wish me luck. Let’s see how this goes.

P.S there are still a few authors I’ll still only buy paperback.

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