First Attempt

So I pulled my Kindle fire out so ready to do this kindle thing right?

Well that didn’t work out because the thing wouldn’t hold a charge. If you think I am just complaining let me set the scene for you.

So I pulled this thing out of my closet and plugged it in when I first started work. I told myself that I would read a little at lunch it was going to be AWESOME right. The suspense was killing me.

Well, so anyway lunch came around and i went to grab this little digital thing that everyone claims is the best thing since slice bread.

It hadn’t even made it to 50%, i was at work for four hours. FOUR!!!! and it didn’t even creep to 50%? Yea let’s just say I wasn’t impressed. Now mind you it’s old and I understand. I work as tech support so I am not saying that I thought this thing was going to be like amazing being that it was an older gen Kindle. But I would have thought it could chug out at least 70% maybe 80% in four hours. but nope 45%. So i left it alone no reading at break. Kay cool, over it. I will just read it when i get off work.

By this time me and my mom were talkin about me getting a kindle white. well again I couldn’t justify it right? I mean I collect books, and a book collector will tell you that they would rather spend money on books. We are talkin not a kindle fire mind you which is like 50 bucks, that is still four books in my world. Nope we are talkin kindle white, 130 dollars. that is a massive amount of books.

I checked my Fire it made it to 100% in 8 hours and i was tired so I left it alone for the night. I had the next two days off and I can spend my time reading right?

Okay chapter two to this story. I downloaded a free book, it’s not all that good, so i am going to save you the review. i can’t even remember the name of it I erased it off my library and I couldn’t even find it on Goodreads. I digress, I laid there and read most of it to a friend of mine where we proceeded to laugh at it. Let just say there is a lot of ‘Throbbing member’

on top of it all it was fifty pages of that goodness.

Welllllllll, so yea, I read this book and got to the end and guess what!?! The Kindle dies!! in my hand, now I can’t blame the ‘throbbing member’ for breaking my kindle. Again the thing was old, I cried a little bit because I had nothing to read. I moped I frowned and I tried to steal my Dad’s iPad.

I was threatened mortal injury if I signed out of his kindle account to add mind. I am very much a lover of life so I left it alone and laid in bed and cried hard, not really but I was going for drama.

The following day (Saturday) For those of you who are keeping track. The rents went to see the New Avenger movie. I did laundry cleaned the house and laid around with the dogs. I was so close to going into work to get away from the crippling boredom.

The rents got home and everyone was talkin about this movie and blah blah, and “Hey close your eyes” (if you are all in suspense about what it could be I thank you.) so I closed my eyes and *Flap* something hits the counter. I open my eyes and low and behold a brand new in the box Kindle White 10th Gen. I’m spoiled I know this. I got my kindle, I have to pay for half of it. i am okay with that. But now my Kindle journey begins, at least until all my bills are paid off and my car is restored then I will go back to my paper.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Z and her Kindle days.

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