FaCade by Ker Dukey & D.H Sidebottom

Genre: Dark Romance

Age: 18+

Triggers: There are many, Force, kidnapping, Manipulation

So, I sat here thinking about how I was going to rate this book and I couldn’t think of the right way to do it. I ended with rounding to four stars. It’s really a 3.5 kind of thing and I will tell you why.

You meet someone. You date. You fall in love. You marry.
The four simple rules of love, right?
I’m getting married but I’d never met him before now. Never dated him. Never fell in love. And I don’t want to marry him.

Dante is a controlling, arrogant, callous and violent, and utterly hell bent on humiliating and degrading me – Like watching me falter, watching me struggle to comply and be the woman he remembers me to be, powers him. He wants to break me piece by piece. Fibre by fibre. Until all that’s here is the shell he created from a soul that I once owned.

I have no access to the memories of the most magical time of anyone’s life. Instead I’ve woke in a nightmare, no memory of how I came to be here.

When my memories taunt me it’s with a man who wears Dante’s face but not his actions.

I am, Star, and just like with some stars in the sky, the light you see is an echo, a façade, I am already gone
I am a no one.
Especially to him. To him I am the dark in his desires, the corrupt in his depravity.
The sin in his immorality.

And he wants to keep me. 

Star, she woke in a cell not knowing her name, who she was and where she came from. She was scared, hurt, and wasn’t sure why this was happening to her. I am going to flat out say that this book was great at keeping you just as confused as Star was. I didn’t know what was happening. There were moments she would have little bits and pieces of her memories but let me tell you they confused me more then giving me any insight to what was happening.

Dante, I am going to full on admit I have a thing for the bad guy. He took it too far in some spots and I am not going to lie, I am not triggered that easy but there were moments even I cringed just a little. I would put in spoilers, but I am going to allow you to decide if you were going to read this for yourself.

This has a cliffy in it, so be prepared to have one thing answered, and then struggle to figure out how this story was actually going to end. It’s .99 cents on Kindle. It feels weird saying this but lol f’ it y’all I did write it down on my list of paperbacks I am going to buy outright.

This was in fact a wild ride. My heart did beat a little faster reading it!

In this end this was a very interesting story when things started to reveal themselves at the end its kind of made you break a little. I won’t tell you for who, hell I am not in the least going to give much away. If you do decide to read this book just be prepared for some really jaw dropping stuff. This was my second book I read on the kindle and I am going to continue. I will admit I do enjoy this little device, but I can’t wait to get back into the swing of buying my paperbacks.

Happy reading y’all I hope you enjoy.

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