Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster

Genre: Dark Romance/BDSM

Age: 18+

Triggers: Force, BDSM, violence

Her time is over.
Things are looking up.

She’s dirty and ugly.
He’s wicked but handsome.

Six months to toy with her.
Six months of vacation and a ton of money.

I’ll hurt her beyond repair.
I’ve been through much worse.

She’s difficult to control and doesn’t obey.
I’m done submitting to anyone or anything in this life.

I should hate her.
I should hate him.

The game has changed.
I will win.

 So, usually I am not a fan of BDSM kind of books. But the girl’s nickname Is Bunny.

This book is a tail of a man who lived a really f’ed up life, his mother was a prostitute. Living daily in the closet of other men’s homes while he watched his mother ‘work’

Braxton is rich, very, extremely rich. He made his fortune first taking over his father’s toy company then creating his own ‘toy’ company. He’s a Sadist with a need to buy ugly toys and make them pretty again. The contract is for 6 months. Six months to do whatever he says with no fight. Six months to live in his home and be there for whatever evil desire he has.

So, okay those of you who have read my reviews or know me. I love my dark romance, hell it is most of what I read these days. This could be considered dark to some, for me it fell flat. Now please look at how many stars I gave it. It’s there in the proof I did enjoy this book, but it wasn’t dark. Braxton had his moments of thought, but he never acted them out.

He was a dick there is no two ways about it but in the end,  you already knew how he felt about Bunny. She wanted him to hurt her but all he did was verbally abuse her. I think in the end she got off better them most of his ‘toys’

It was a great love story a bully romance but there wasn’t much in the way of taboo side of things. There were a few things I would step back and question. “Was that too far?” but then again, I have read way worse.

My only favorite quote.

“Don’t thank me yet, Bunny,” I tell her softly, despite knowing she’s already passed out. “I’m the hunter in this story and I’m hunting rabbit.”

Won’t lie those this cover is amazing, and I am putting it on the paperback list for that alone.

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