Book Shelves

Oh yes… Yep. So I am totally going to be doing a full on article on Book Shelves. Why the fuck not right? So I have been thinking about this, I have a lot of books, a lot. I used to just stack them on the floor, I was one of those. I didn’t have […]

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The Almighty Zon

So, this is my unpopular opinion, I’m throwing that out there now, so no one gets butthurt about the things I am going to say. This is soul my experience and if any of you can relate, I’m sorry. So, it has been about a week I been dealing with this, Someone got onto myAmazon […]

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eReader vs. Paper

I had told myself that I wouldn’t write this topic, but I recently had a discussion about it. So I figured I rant my thoughts. So eReaders vs. Paper is one better than the other? This becomes the age-old question. My answer is no, it’s all about preference. Like whether you like Burger King or […]

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