Oathbreaker by Amy Sumida

Genre: Urban Fantasy Age: 18+ Triggers: No, there’s a little kidnap, and some threats. Dear Amy Sumida, You have killed me, wrung me through the ringer and drained my emotions dry. I have become such a fan of this series and it was all because of the first book. Now I just finished book number […]

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Godhunter by Amy Sumida

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Romance Age: 18+ Triggers: There are threats of a violent sexual nature. Happy Friday my friends. So I just got done with this, Which is free on kindle so pick up your copy today. I will tell you why. I was thoroughly impressed with this book Amy Sumida really pulls you into […]

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Raised in Fire by K.F Breene

Happy Saturday Y’all!!! So I want to talk about this book. there is no wonder why K.F. Breene is a best seller. She kills me, I love her writing style and the dry humor her characters carry. Regan and Darius have such an amazing relationship, both of them make me giggle like an idiot. I […]

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Graveyard Shift by Angela Roquet

Guess what day it is…… Guess….. what…… day….. it…… is…… Today is a good day for a fun PN Comedy is it not? Let’s start This was a fun one y’all. We have Lana Harvey an 8th Gen Reaper. Death a.k.a Grimm no longer collects souls. Now he runs Eternity and has little baby reapers […]

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Born In Fire by K.F. Breene

Good morning everyone! and happy actual Humpday. Oddly I had all my days mixed up, so I thought yesterday was Wednesday I’m pretty sure people thought I lost my mind. I probably did for a little bit. Let’s begin, shall we? Okay listen I don’t know how to rate or review this one. I honestly […]

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Elusion by Zoe Parker

This is one of my all time favorite books, I love Zoe Parker, her imagination is out of this world. Phobe is by far one of the most amazing Anti Heros I have ever read about. I can not wait to see more done by her. Let’s begin with a blurb shall we? What can […]

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Book Delivery!!

I have been working all day thinking about my mailman. Not in that weird creepy kind of way. Just in the way that he had something I wanted. Books you pervs. He had my books! This isn’t some creepy porn flick. I promise. But they arrived and I been so happy, I counted down the […]

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Books, Books, and More Books

I’m really excited for tomorrow, I get my delivery from Amazon. I love prime that service makes me happy. I have four new books coming. From Burning Ashes: Collector Series, Book 4 by Stacey Marie Brown This will finish off the Collector Series and cross that off my New years bookalution. I promised myself I would stop starting new […]

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