I like big books

what is your ideal book size? I thought about this today when I got a delivery. I ordered Amy Sumida’s God Hunter because Bunny was recommended it. So we wanted to check it out. I bought the first two.. these things are huge! I am really excited actually. I love large books especially if they […]

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Vacation and Taxmus

So merry Taxmus to those of you who are celebrating it. what is it you may ask? Well, that time of year you do your taxes and get something back. Well, things have changed throughout this year that I feel I am owed a present to me. So this year I am buying over a […]

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Books and Movies

So mom and I were talking about this, Books and Movies. Mom is a huge fan of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. I mean a huge fan, she owns just about everything from the Books and movies. Also, you ever play trivia be prepared to lose she will wipe the floor with you and laugh […]

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Hopeless Magic by A.K. Koonce

Well, happy Saturday my friends. It’s my humpday so, I only got two more to go! Let’s see, we should go with a small but pretty little book. Let’s begin. It’s short, it’s simple it’s sweet. Bunny tagged me to read this one, she’s already read it so I went ahead and did that too. […]

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Born In Fire by K.F. Breene

Good morning everyone! and happy actual Humpday. Oddly I had all my days mixed up, so I thought yesterday was Wednesday I’m pretty sure people thought I lost my mind. I probably did for a little bit. Let’s begin, shall we? Okay listen I don’t know how to rate or review this one. I honestly […]

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