Paper Queen is going digital

So I’m breaking down and pulling my Kindle Fire back out. I usually don’t read off it because i find it distracting. But I’m in the process of restoring my truck. I have been in the process for years and I have been trying to put myself on a budget. When I started to work […]

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Oathbreaker by Amy Sumida

Genre: Urban Fantasy Age: 18+ Triggers: No, there’s a little kidnap, and some threats. Dear Amy Sumida, You have killed me, wrung me through the ringer and drained my emotions dry. I have become such a fan of this series and it was all because of the first book. Now I just finished book number […]

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My Ten Book delivery.

So next week can’t come soon enough, It’s going to be all about the read. My books finally arrived and I am prepared to relax. No work, no building porches. Just my couch, my puppies, a whole lot of snack and my stack. I love the fact that I have choices. that my time is […]

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Plagiarism and Heartbreak

I felt the need to talk about this subject. I mean this is a book blog and all. So I read something on Goodreads that really hit me in the gut, it was a topic on plagiarism and the fact that it’s a real thing. I mean I know it but it makes no sense […]

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I like big books

what is your ideal book size? I thought about this today when I got a delivery. I ordered Amy Sumida’s God Hunter because Bunny was recommended it. So we wanted to check it out. I bought the first two.. these things are huge! I am really excited actually. I love large books especially if they […]

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Vacation and Taxmus

So merry Taxmus to those of you who are celebrating it. what is it you may ask? Well, that time of year you do your taxes and get something back. Well, things have changed throughout this year that I feel I am owed a present to me. So this year I am buying over a […]

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Book Covers

Happy Sunday!! So I don’t have to work tomorrow. why? Because I got a new job and it doesn’t start for another four weeks! So many books are coming my way. But that is a conversation for another day. I want to talk about book covers today. What makes for a good book cover? This […]

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Book Boyfriends

Happy Friday everyone! I want to talk about love interests in books. I was thinking about this, this post is going to be mainly about series and love interests. Slow burn, Medium burn, fast burn. No matter your flavor they are all wonderful. Do you love, love triangles? hate them? indifferent? Maybe reverse harm is […]

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