Books and Movies

So mom and I were talking about this, Books and Movies. Mom is a huge fan of Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. I mean a huge fan, she owns just about everything from the Books and movies. Also, you ever play trivia be prepared to lose she will wipe the floor with you and laugh […]

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Book Delivery!!!

Oh, my gods y’all seriously!! I want to cry, this is simply the best V-day gift ever… Look at them! I got all of them so no waiting game… Look how glossy and pretty they are. Brand new babies for my shelves. I did a little boogie to the mailbox. Skipped all the way back […]

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Brag Post!!

Are you ready for a brag post? I’m ready for a brag post… Soooo, guess what I got? Are you going to say books? Well close enough, I totally got a $50 gift card to Amazon for V-day. Don’t worry though, so I made a new Amazon account with an alt email addy. I will […]

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