Snuff by Bonny Capps

Genre: Horror Erotica
Age: 18+
Triggers: There are so many triggers in this one, it’s horror erotica. I am throwing out there as a warning. There are many disturbing acts in this book please be aware of it.

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Anointed by Charity B.

Genre: Dark Romance
Ages: 18+
Triggers: There are many in this one. Please heed this as the warning for it. This book follows in line with a cult mentality and there are things that happen that will be triggers for some.

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Crucible by Natalie Bennett

Genre: Dark Romance Age: 18+ Triggers: Oh, most definitely. It’s no secret I own almost every single book Natalie Bennett has written. I mean there are a few that are out of print and I don’t own those. which kind of makes me sad because I believe she belongs on anyone’s book shelf. But I’m […]

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