My Ten Book delivery.

So next week can’t come soon enough, It’s going to be all about the read. My books finally arrived and I am prepared to relax. No work, no building porches. Just my couch, my puppies, a whole lot of snack and my stack. I love the fact that I have choices. that my time is […]

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I like big books

what is your ideal book size? I thought about this today when I got a delivery. I ordered Amy Sumida’s God Hunter because Bunny was recommended it. So we wanted to check it out. I bought the first two.. these things are huge! I am really excited actually. I love large books especially if they […]

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Raised in Fire by K.F Breene

Happy Saturday Y’all!!! So I want to talk about this book. there is no wonder why K.F. Breene is a best seller. She kills me, I love her writing style and the dry humor her characters carry. Regan and Darius have such an amazing relationship, both of them make me giggle like an idiot. I […]

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Book Delivery!!!

Oh, my gods y’all seriously!! I want to cry, this is simply the best V-day gift ever… Look at them! I got all of them so no waiting game… Look how glossy and pretty they are. Brand new babies for my shelves. I did a little boogie to the mailbox. Skipped all the way back […]

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Into the Darkness by K. F. Breene

They are not Vampires…. As always let’s start this off with a blurb Sasha always thought of herself as an outcast and outsider. Someone who didn’t belong. She lost her parents and brother in a burning car crash. She was the only survivor. Now she can see people in the dark. People us mere mortals […]

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