Snuff by Bonny Capps

Genre: Horror Erotica
Age: 18+
Triggers: There are so many triggers in this one, it’s horror erotica. I am throwing out there as a warning. There are many disturbing acts in this book please be aware of it.

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His by Audrey Dark

Genre: Dark Romance Age: 18+ Triggers: Force, Kidnapping, Murder, Torture I’ll be completely honest I didn’t know how to rate this one in the beginning. There were things that didn’t really sit well with me. So, I love dark romance in all it’s form. I don’t agree with what goes one but it’s fantasy right? […]

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First Attempt

So I pulled my Kindle fire out so ready to do this kindle thing right? Well that didn’t work out because the thing wouldn’t hold a charge. If you think I am just complaining let me set the scene for you. So I pulled this thing out of my closet and plugged it in when […]

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Paper Queen is going digital

So I’m breaking down and pulling my Kindle Fire back out. I usually don’t read off it because i find it distracting. But I’m in the process of restoring my truck. I have been in the process for years and I have been trying to put myself on a budget. When I started to work […]

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The Almighty Zon

So, this is my unpopular opinion, I’m throwing that out there now, so no one gets butthurt about the things I am going to say. This is soul my experience and if any of you can relate, I’m sorry. So, it has been about a week I been dealing with this, Someone got onto myAmazon […]

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