My Ten Book delivery.

So next week can’t come soon enough, It’s going to be all about the read. My books finally arrived and I am prepared to relax. No work, no building porches. Just my couch, my puppies, a whole lot of snack and my stack. I love the fact that I have choices. that my time is […]

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Fortune by Aurelia T. Evans

Okay, so yea.. I’ll review this tomorrow because well it’s almost 2 am and I have an appointment tomorrow.. this was a recommend from @Soo — my review to come. We are doing this… Let’s do this.  Welcome to Arcanium, where you have to be over 18 to see the show. Children will be fed […]

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Raised in Fire by K.F Breene

Happy Saturday Y’all!!! So I want to talk about this book. there is no wonder why K.F. Breene is a best seller. She kills me, I love her writing style and the dry humor her characters carry. Regan and Darius have such an amazing relationship, both of them make me giggle like an idiot. I […]

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Born In Fire by K.F. Breene

Good morning everyone! and happy actual Humpday. Oddly I had all my days mixed up, so I thought yesterday was Wednesday I’m pretty sure people thought I lost my mind. I probably did for a little bit. Let’s begin, shall we? Okay listen I don’t know how to rate or review this one. I honestly […]

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