My Ten Book delivery.

So next week can’t come soon enough, It’s going to be all about the read. My books finally arrived and I am prepared to relax. No work, no building porches. Just my couch, my puppies, a whole lot of snack and my stack. I love the fact that I have choices. that my time is […]

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Book Delivery!!!

Oh, my gods y’all seriously!! I want to cry, this is simply the best V-day gift ever… Look at them! I got all of them so no waiting game… Look how glossy and pretty they are. Brand new babies for my shelves. I did a little boogie to the mailbox. Skipped all the way back […]

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Brag Post!!

Are you ready for a brag post? I’m ready for a brag post… Soooo, guess what I got? Are you going to say books? Well close enough, I totally got a $50 gift card to Amazon for V-day. Don’t worry though, so I made a new Amazon account with an alt email addy. I will […]

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Book Delivery!!

I have been working all day thinking about my mailman. Not in that weird creepy kind of way. Just in the way that he had something I wanted. Books you pervs. He had my books! This isn’t some creepy porn flick. I promise. But they arrived and I been so happy, I counted down the […]

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Books, Books, and More Books

I’m really excited for tomorrow, I get my delivery from Amazon. I love prime that service makes me happy. I have four new books coming. From Burning Ashes: Collector Series, Book 4 by Stacey Marie Brown This will finish off the Collector Series and cross that off my New years bookalution. I promised myself I would stop starting new […]

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