Outcasts by Natalie Bennett

Holy crap Y’all… Be warned there are spoilers for the first two books in this. Okay so if you haven’t read Badland’s yet you need to get on it. If you love things dark and gritty this is the series for you. This one is about Grimm the right hand to the devil himself. He […]

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Depravity By Natalie Bennett

Wow… wow…. wow….. First, let me start by saying there is a trigger warning. I say this about almost every book I read Natalie Bennett, but she destroyed me in the best possible ways. This book is a love story about, evil, twisted, morbid, depraved, and sick people. It’s really not for the faint of […]

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Savages by Natalie Bennett


“I am the monster they created. I’m the whore they’re ashamed of.” When life tried to break me I grabbed that b*tch by the throat and squeezed. I thought I could overcome anything. I swore I could handle him, but after being forced to play at the Devil’s playground I ended up craving his touch. One taste of his poison made my loyalties begin to waiver.


“I’m a living nightmare, I’m everything they fear.” I’ve been called the Devil, deranged, and a savage. I lived by a code created by rebel souls. We were sinners and thieves that made no apologies for taking whatever the f*ck we wanted. Saving a girl in the woods was never part of my plans, but when I saw the crazy in her eyes I knew it was a match made in hell. Now secrets are piling up, the bodies are rotting, and time is running out to finish what I started. Forewarning, our story is more than a little f*cked up.

Authors Note : 18+ I am not going to put a long ‘warning’ on this book. I will say that Savages is a VERY cautionary tale that has no regard for hard limits. Reader discretion IS highly advised. *This book contains dystopian elements*

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